February 3, 2013

Book review : In the Forests of Siberia by Sylvain Tesson

“In the forests of Siberia” is a book for those who live in fast-paced cities where life is a perpetual race, where the fabric of life is constant motion and where solitude, silence and fresh air are rare.

Sylvain Tesson’s narrative will take you to the one of the most remote parts of the globe, on the shores of lake Baikal where he spent 6 months from February to July 2010 in an existential quest. Secluded from the world in a small cabin, 20 km away from the closest inhabitant, Tesson escaped modern life so as to live like a hermit and benefit from a magnificent and untouched nature. In his “tête-à-tête” with his inner life, the harshness of nature, encounters with his fellow Siberians, piles of books and two dogs will  buoy him up from sinking into torpor and inactivity.

A magnificent book  : deep, contemplative and grave but also joyful and humorous. An invitation to set off to the forest.