November 11, 2012

How were Easter Island statues transported ? Walking ?!

Amazing video clip from National Geographic on how Easter Island statues are supposed to have been transported.

Not only does this demonstration challenges previous theories but Lipo’s and Hunt’s book, The Statues that Walked, claims contrary to Diamond’s book, Collapse, that Rapa Nui’s civilization did not collapse before the arrival in the 17th century of Europeans.

Having been a fan of Diamond’s books, I just wondered whether there was any debate and analysis of the arguments put forth in this new study. Well, as it happens Jared Diamonds has a quite vehement answer over here. In particular Diamonds references a review by Paul Bahn and John Flenley on World Archeology (PDF). As it stands out, Lipo’s and Hunt’s research is very much contested.

Despite the validity on the historical perspective, just can’t stop myself from being marvelled at their Moai transportation system.